Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Things You Need to Know About The Corkscrew

For those who love to drink wine and other high end liquor, preparing them for your guest or for yourself may require a level of sophistication. Aside from the fact that you need to have the best glass, it is also a must that you know how to use the corkscrew in opening the bottle.

It has been considered as one of the top purchases that any home or restaurant could make in order to not damage the bottle when taking out the champagne or taking out wine. For some designs also, it has allowed sampling of the drink before opening it.

What is a Corkscrew?

This is considered one of the best kitchen tools that you can purchase if you want to handle classy liquor or wine. It is consisting of a metallic helix part, which is also called as a worm. The metallic helix is then connected to a handle. This works by penetrating into the cork in order to open the bottle. There are different ways to how each type works, but basically it gains grip by piercing through the cork. What makes this a good tool in the kitchen is the fact that corks are hard to grip being small and smooth, not to mention it fits well with the different bottles.

History of the Corkscrew

The history of the corkscrew is unique. In fact, it has been based on what musketmen use in order to remove things in the barrel. With a similar action of removal, it has been applied to opening wine and other types of bottles. Though this is one of the things that historians say about the kitchen device, there is really no clear history who made the very first corkscrew. In 1795 though, the first ever patented version was granted to Reverend Samuel Henshall in England. Despite being patented in the late 1700s, it has been around since the early 1630s.


There are different types of this kitchen tool. In fact, it has evolved throughout the years, we have seen different versions that were just updated in order to give users an easier time with the bottles.

Wing Type

Invented in 1939, this type was also called as the butterfly type. With rack and pinion connected to the lever that provides a winged look, this type has been one of the most handy type of innovation to the corkscrew. It has been household friendly and was frequently used because of its ergonomic design.

Sommelier Knife

Also called the wine key or the waiter’s friend, this type was invented by Karl Wienke in 1882. It has similar look to a pocketknife. With some designs having two steps on a lever and a bottle opener design, this is a two in one type of device that can easily be used without damaging the bottles.

Twin Pronged Type

Also called Ah-So or butler’s friend, this doesn’t have the helix design. The two pronged design allows wine sampling even before removing the cork. Also, what makes this design handy is the fact that you can grip well, giving the user leverage when opening the bottle.